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Eloy - Chronicles I (1993)

Eloy - Chronicles I (1993)

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Eloy - Chronicles I

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"Poseidon's Creation" - 11:28 (from Ocean)

"The Apocalypse" - 11:02 (from Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes)

"Silhouette" - 3:10 (from Colours)

"Mysterious Monolith" - 6:10 (from Planets)

"Sphinx" - 6:22 (from Planets)

"Illuminations" - 6:19 (from Colours)

"End of an Odyssey" - 9:15 (from Time to Turn)

"Time to Turn" - 3:33 (from Time to Turn)

"Spirit in Chains" - 5:49 (unreleased title, recorded during the Destination sessions)

"Say It Is Really True" - 4:25 (from Time to Turn)

Eloy Band Members / Musicians

Frank Bornemann - guitar, vocals

Michael Gerlach - keyboards

Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass

Hannes Arkona - guitar

Hannes Folberth - keyboards

Fritz Randow - drums

Nico Baretta - drums

Lenny Mac Dowell - flute

Amy, Sabine, Anne and Brigitte - vocals on "Time to Turn" and "The Apocalypse"

Produced by Frank Bornemann

Engineered by Gerhard Wolfe, Michael Gerlach

Mixed by Gerhard Wolfe

Chronicles I is the first of a two-part compilation of re-recorded hits by German progressive rock band Eloy released in 1993. The second part, Chronicles II was released the following year.

Early Eloy albums had relatively poor sound quality, leading Frank Bornemann to re-record some of their most popular songs using modern recording technologies. He invited some of the former members of the band to play on the album.

Chronicles I contains songs from Ocean (1977), Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes (1979), Colours (1980), Planets (1981) and Time to Turn (1982) re-recorded and mixed in 1993. The album also contains one previously unreleased track from the album Destination (1992).

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