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Eloy - The Tides Return Forever (1994)

Eloy - The Tides Return Forever (1994)

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Eloy - The Tides Return Forever
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"The Day of Crimson Skies" – 5:02
"Fatal Illusions" – 9:22
"Childhood Memories" – 6:22
"Generation of Innocence" – 6:10
"The Tides Return Forever" – 6:40
"The Last in Line" – 4:01
"Company of Angels" – 9:45


Eloy Band Members / Musicians
Frank Bornemann: guitar, lead vocals
Michael Gerlach: keyboards, backing vocals
Klaus-Peter Matziol: bass guitar

Nico Baretta: drums (all tracks)
Jocelyn B. Smith: lead vocals (5)
Miriam Stockley: lead vocals (7)
Peter Beckett & Tom Jackson: lead vocals (5-7)
Susanne Schätzle & Bettina Lux: backing vocals (6)
Steve Mann: acoustic guitar solo (5)
Ralf Vornberger: acoustic guitar (5)
Dirk Michaelis: acoustic guitar (3)

Produced by Frank Bornemann

The Tides Return Forever is the 15th studio album by the German progressive rock band Eloy, released in 1994. With this album, Klaus-Peter Matziol returned as a full member of the band.

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