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Eloy - Chronicles II (1994)

Eloy - Chronicles II (1994)

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Eloy - Chronicles II

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"Escape to the Heights" - 5:10 (from Metromania)

"All Life is One" - 6:29 (from Metromania)

"Nightriders" - 4:37 (from Metromania)

"Follow the Light" - 9:47 (from Metromania)

"Rainbow" - 4:37 (from Ra)

"Voyager of the Future Race" - 6:28 (from Ra)

"Fire & Ice" - 5:09 (from Destination)

"Call of the Wild" - 7:00 (from Destination)

"Prisoner in Mind" - 4:26 (from Destination)

"Eclipse of Mankind" - 6:28 (from Destination)

Eloy Band Members / Musicians

Frank Bornemann - guitar, vocals

Michael Gerlach - keyboards

Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass

Hannes Arkona - guitar

Hannes Folberth - keyboards

Fritz Randow - drums

Nico Baretta - drums on tracks 7-10

Achim Gieseler - keyboards on "Rainbow"

Amy, Jane, and Sabine - vocals on "Follow the Light"

Annette (Joal) Stangenberg - vocals on "Rainbow"

Produced by Frank Bornemann

Engineered by Gerhard Wolfe

Remastered by Hans-Jörg Maucksh

Chronicles II is the 2nd of a two parts re-recorded hits compilation by German progressive rock band Eloy. The album has been released in 1994 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the band. The first part Chronicles I has been released the preceding year.

Chronicles II contains songs from the years 1984-1992 and from the albums Metromania (1984), Ra (1988) and Destination (1992).

Tracks from Metromania have been re-recorded with former members of the band to match modern sound quality. All tracks have been digitally remastered.

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