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Eloy - Planets (1981)

Eloy - Planets (1981)

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Eloy - Planets

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Side One

"Introduction" – 1:58

"On the Verge of Darkening Lights" – 5:37

"Point of No Return" – 5:45

"Mysterious Monolith" – 7:40

Side Two

"Queen of the Night" – 5:22

"At the Gates of Dawn" (Instrumental) – 4:17

"Sphinx" – 6:50

"Carried by Cosmic Winds" – 4:32

Eloy Band Members / Musicians

Frank Bornemann — electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals

Hannes Arkona — electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards

Hannes Folberth — keyboards

Klaus-Peter Matziol — bass guitar, backing vocals

Jim McGillivray — drums, percussion

Planets is the 9th studio album by Eloy, released in 1981. It was the last album with the drummer and percussionist Jim McGillivray. It was the first Eloy album to be issued in the UK, through the Wolverhampton-based Heavy Metal Worldwide label, with alternative artwork by Rodney Matthews.

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