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Hurriganes - Roadrunner (1974)

Hurriganes - Roadrunner (1974)

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Hurriganes - Roadrunner

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Side A

1. "It Ain't What You Do"   2:57

2. "Hey Groupie"   2:31

3. "Tallahassee Lassie" (Bob Crewe, Frank Slay, Frederick Picariello)   2:17

4. "The Phone Rang" (Mister X)   1:37

5. "I Will Stay" (Lundgren)   2:40

6. "Get On"   3:43

Side B

7. "In the Nude" (Garland)   2:35

8. "Mister X" (Mister X, Hurriganes)   4:01

9. "Slippin' and Slidin'" (Little Richard)   2:37

10. "Oowee-Oohla"   2:29

11. "Roadrunner" (Bo Diddley)   4:16

Hurriganes Band Members / Musicians

Remu Aaltonen – Lead vocals, drums

Albert Järvinen – Guitar

Cisse Häkkinen – Bass guitar, Backing vocals, Lead vocals in tracks 4, 5. Acoustic guitar in the song "I will stay"

Richard Stanley (”Mister X”) – vocals in ”Mister X”, producer

Leif Måses – Recorder

Roadrunner is an album released by the Finnish rock band Hurriganes in 1974. It is considered one of the most influential albums in Finnish rock music history. It was the best selling Finnish album in years 1974-1985 and has sold over 170 000 copies in Finland. The album was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden at Marcus Music studios. The album cover features the band members sitting on a backseat of a Cadillac in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. The cover has been chosen many times as the best album cover in Finland.

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