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The Bob Seger System - Noah (1969)

The Bob Seger System - Noah (1969)

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The Bob Seger System - Noah

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1. "Noah"   3:02

2. "Innervenus Eyes"   2:48

3. "Lonely Man"   3:14

4. "Loneliness Is a Feeling"   3:03

5. "Cat"   6:20

6. "Jumpin' Humpin' Hip Hypocrite"   3:13

7. "Follow the Children"   3:28

8. "Lennie Johnson"   3:06

9. "Paint Them a Picture Jane"   4:08

10. "Death Row"   2:59


The Bob Seger System Band Members / Musicians

Bob Seger - guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals

Dan Honaker - bass, guitar, vocals

Tom Neme - guitar, piano, rhythm guitar, keyboard, vocals

Pep Perrine - percussion, drums, vocals

Bob Schultz - organ, piano, keyboard, saxophone, vocals, background vocals

Noah is the 2nd studio album by American rock band The Bob Seger System, released in September 1969 (see 1969 in music). Seger was displeased with this album as it was the label's intention to showcase Tom Neme as the voice of the band. Seger contemplated quitting music altogether after this album. It has never been reissued on a legitimate U.S. CD by Capitol and probably never will be, as Seger disavows it. It does, however, contain the classic Seger title song, Noah, which was issued as a single in July 1969.

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