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Delerium - Chimera (2003)

Delerium - Chimera (2003)

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Delerium - Chimera

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Disc one

"Love" (Zoë Johnston, Bill Leeb, Carmen Rizzo, Jamie Muhoberac) – 4:03

Vocals: Zoë Johnston

"After All" (Jaël, Leeb, Rhys Fulber) – 4:51

Vocals: Jaël

"Just a Dream" (Margaret Far, Leeb, Fulber) – 5:27

Vocals: Margaret Far

"Run for It" (Leigh Nash, Leeb, Fulber) – 4:35

Vocals: Leigh Nash

"Truly" (Nerina Pallot, Leeb, Rizzo, Muhoberac) – 4:38

Vocals: Nerina Pallot

"Serenity" (Leeb, Fulber, Chris Elliot) – 7:20

Samples: "Alleluia Veni Domine", traditional

"Touched" (Rachel Fuller) – 4:05

Vocals: Rachel Fuller

"Forever After" (Songul Akturk, Muhoberac, Leeb, Rizzo) – 4:35

Vocals: Sultana (Songul Akturk)

"Fallen" (Rani Kamal, Muhoberac, Leeb) – 3:50

Vocals: Rani Kamal

"Orbit of Me" (Nash, Leeb, Muhoberac, Rizzo, Kent Stephany) – 5:23

Vocals: Leigh Nash

"Magic" (Julee Cruise, Leeb, Rizzo, Muhoberac, Stephany) – 4:36

Vocals: Julee Cruise

"Eternal Odyssey" (Leeb, Fulber) – 9:46

"Returning" (Kristy Thirsk, Leeb, Fulber) – 5:14

Vocals: Kristy Thirsk

Disc two

"Stopwatch Hearts" (Leeb, Emily Haines, Muhoberac, Rizzo) – 4:09

Vocals: Emily Haines

"After All" (Andrew Sega Remix) – 7:25

Chimera is the 11th studio album by Canadian industrial/electronic music group Delerium in 2003.

The song "Above the Clouds" was released as an iTunes online exclusive.

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