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Delerium - Poem (2000)

Delerium - Poem (2000)

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Delerium - Poem

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Disc one

"Terra Firma" – 5:39

Vocals: Aude; chants by Chanticleer

"Innocente" – 6:29

Vocals: Leigh Nash

"Aria" – 6:50

Vocals: Mediæval Bæbes

"Fallen Icons" – 6:30

Vocals: Jenifer McLaren

"Underwater" – 5:21

Vocals: Rani Kamal

"Myth" – 6:10

Vocals: Joanna Stevens (of Solar Twins)

"Nature's Kingdom" (Leeb, Luke Doucet, Kirsty Hawkshaw) – 5:15

Vocals: Kirsty Hawkshaw

"Daylight" – 5:32

Vocals: Matthew Sweet

"Temptation" – 8:06

"A Poem for Byzantium" – 5:53

Vocals: Joanna Stevens

"Amongst the Ruins" – 10:27

Disc two

"Silence" (Airscape Remix) (Leeb, Rhys Fulber, Sarah McLachlan) – 8:40

Vocals: Sarah McLachlan

"Flowers Become Screens" (Deepsky Remix) (Leeb, Fulber, Kristy Thirsk) – 7:59

Vocals: Kristy Thirsk

"Inner Sanctum" – 7:23

Vocals: Kirsty Hawkshaw

"Nature's Kingdom II" – 5:18

Vocals: Jenifer McLaren

Poem is the 10th studio album released by Canadian industrial/electronic music group Delerium in 2000.

All songs written by Bill Leeb and all lyrics written by respective vocalists unless otherwise noted. There is also a misprinted European edition with the US track list. Only a few thousand albums were published this way. The misprint is recognizable by the CDs being pressed in The Netherlands and the cover is green instead of brown.

The vocals of "Aria" are taken from the Mediæval Bæbes song "All Turns to Yesterday", from the album Worldes Blysse.

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