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Delerium - Karma (1997)

Delerium - Karma (1997)

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Delerium - Karma
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Disk one

"Enchanted" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 8:30

"Duende" (feat. Camille Henderson) – 5:22

"Twilight" – 6:05

"Silence" (feat. Sarah McLachlan) – 6:33

"Forgotten Worlds" (feat. Lisa Gerrard) – 7:32

"Lamentation" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 8:33

"Euphoria (Firefly)" (feat. Jacqui Hunt) – 5:27

"Remembrance" – 7:28

"Wisdom" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 4:48

"Koran" – 10:04 (replaced with "Window to Your Soul" – 9:25 - due to sample clearance issues)

"'Til the End of Time" (feat. Kristy Thirsk)– 4:36

The track "Till the End of Time" contains a sample of Tori Amos' "Caught a Lite Sneeze".

Disc two (US release)

"Heaven's Earth" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) - 8:11

"Window To Your Soul" - 9:55

(Enhanced CD with pictures and videos as well as the CD audio tracks)

Disc two (Australian release)

"Silence (Sanctuary Mix)" (feat. Sarah McLachlan) – 11:12

"Euphoria (Firefly) (Rabbit in the Moon's Divine Gothic Disco Mix)" (feat. Jacqui Hunt) – 9:16

"Flowers Become Screens (Frequency Modulation Mix)" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 7:57

"Incantation (12" Mix Edit)" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 8:55

"Duende (Bleak Desolation mix)" (feat. Camille Henderson) – 7:54

"Heaven's Earth" (feat. Kristy Thirsk) – 8:09

Karma is the 9th studio album by Canadian industrial / electronic music group Delerium.

Guest musicians on the album include Sarah McLachlan ("Silence"), Lisa Gerrard ("Forgotten Worlds"), Kristy Thirsk ("Enchanted", "Lamentation", "Wisdom", "'Til The End Of Time"), Jacqui Hunt ("Euphoria (Firefly)"), Greg Reely, and Camille Henderson ("Duende").

The album took around a year to record and assemble. Gregorian chants were recorded especially for the project according to Bill Leeb, it was less expensive to hire a 30-piece choir, rent a West-Vancouver church, move the equipment and record the chants live than to pay for the rights to sample existing recordings. The duo's collaboration with McLachlan, "Silence", became the band's biggest hit single. The song "Window To Your Soul" is featured in season four of Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode 13 "The I In Team."

According to John Chedsey of Satan Stole My Teddybear, the electronic sounds on Karma are "airy, slightly cosmic and soothing", the vocals are light and soaring, and the album is "a very pleasant, unobtrusive listen". Octavia of magazine Outburn called the album "an impressive combination of technological manipulation and human touch that will bring you a moody and complex energy."

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