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Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de Mi Padre (1987)

Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de Mi Padre (1987)

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Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de Mi Padre

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1. "Por Un Amor" (For a Love)   2:56

2. "Los Laureles" (The Laurels)   2:25

3. "Hay Unos Ojos" (There Are Some Eyes)   2:45

4. "La Cigarra" (The Cicada)   3:45

5. "Tú Sólo Tú" (You, Only You)   3:09

6. "Y Ándale" (Get on with It)   2:32

7. "Rogaciano El Huapanguero" (Rogatian The Huapanguero)   3:00

8. "La Charreada" (The Charreada)   3:49

9. "Dos Arbolitos" (Two Little Trees)   2:34

10. "Corrido De Cananea" (Ballad of Cananea)   3:24

11. "La Barca De Guaymas" (The Boat from Guaymas)   3:25

12. "La Calandria" (The Lark)   3:00

13. "El Sol Que Tú Eres" (Sun That You Are) traditional   2:57

Total length:   39:41

Linda Ronstadt Musicians

Linda Ronstadt – vocals

Michael J. Ronstadt – vocals

Danny Valdez – vocals, guitar

Gilberto Puente – guitar

Jorge Lopez – guitar

Samuel Gutierrez– guitar

Pedro Flores-Vihuela

Victor "el Pato" Cardenas-Vihuela

Felipe Perez – violin

Antonio Ramos – violin

Salvador Torres – violin

Heriberto Molina-Vocals Ricardo Cisneros-vocals

Steve Fowler – flute

Ron Kalina – harmonica

Juan Gudiño - Trumpet

Ignacio N Gomez – Trumpet

Jim Self – tuba

Larry Bunker – percussion

Pedro Rey - Vocals w/Linda Ronstadt

Pedro Rey Jr. - Vocals

Peter Asher – producer

Ruben Fuentes – producer, arrangements, conductor

Edd Kolakowski – assistant producer

Shawn Murphy – recording, mixing

Sharon Rice – assistant engineer

Dwayne Seykora – assistant engineer

Doug Sax – mastering

José Hernández – album coordinator

John Kosh – art direction, design

Bob Blakeman – photography

Gilbert Ronstadt – back cover painting

J. Roy Helland – make-up, hair stylist

Manuel – wardrobe design

Janet Stark – assistant to Miss Ronstadt

Canciones De Mi Padre (Spanish for "Songs of My Father", or "My Father's Songs") is American singer Linda Ronstadt's first album of Mexican traditional Mariachi music.

The album was released in late 1987 and immediately became a global smash hit. At 2½ million US sales, it stands as the biggest selling non-English language album in American record history. This album has been RIAA certified double-platinum (for over 2 million US copies sold) and also won Ronstadt the Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album at the 31st Grammy Awards.

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