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Red Rider - Don't Fight It (1979)

Red Rider - Don't Fight It (1979)

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Red Rider - Don't Fight It
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1. "Don't Fight It"   4:25
2. "How's My Little Girl Tonight"   4:05
3. "Iron in the Soul"   3:00
4. "Make Myself Complete"   3:40
5. "Good News"   3:59
6. "White Hot"   5:07
7. "Talkin' to Myself"   3:39
8. "Just the Way It Goes"   3:46
9. "Look Out Again"   3:47
10. "Avenue 'A'"   3:23

Red Rider Band Members / Musicians
Tom Cochrane - guitars, lead vocals (1-4, 6, 8, 10)
Ken Greer - guitars
Peter Boynton - keyboards, lead vocals (5, 7, 9)
Jeff Jones - bass
Rob Baker - drums

Don't Fight It is the debut album by Canadian rock band Red Rider, released in 1979 in Canada. Don't Fight It sold more than 100,000 copies in Canada and earned Cochrane and Red Rider their first Gold album certification award and was later certified Platinum. A United States version with a modified track list, dropping Talkin' to Myself and reordering the other tracks, was released in 1980.

The album was re-issued on CD July 29, 1994. The CD release restored the track Talkin' To Myself which was dropped on the initial vinyl release in the United States. Another newly remastered version was released in the UK in 2010 by Lemon Records.

The album reached number 146 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart while "White Hot" reached number 20 on the Canadian charts and number 48 on the Pop Singles chart in 1980 and "Don't Fight It" reached number 75.

The song "White Hot" is about poet Arthur Rimbaud and his travels through Africa. It also has a cult following on YouTube.

Red Rider, later known as Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, is a Canadian rock band popular in the 1980s. While they achieved significant success in Canada, the band never had a song in the Top 40 in the United States, although "Lunatic Fringe" from their second album, 1981's As Far as Siam, became popular on US album-oriented rock radio. They also charted on the Billboard Hot 100 with “White Hot” from their debut album, Don't Fight It (1979) and "Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)" from Breaking Curfew (1984), and charted comparably to "Lunatic Fringe" on Mainstream Rock (AOR) with "Big League" (which remains popular to this day), "Human Race", and "Power", the latter two tracks off 1983's Neruda.

Red Rider Band Members / Musicians

Ken Greer – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (1975–1990, 2002–present)

Tom Cochrane – vocals, guitar (1978–1990, 2002–present)

Jeff Jones – bass, backing vocals (1978–1985, 2002–present)

Davide Direnzo – drums (2006–present)

Bill Bell – guitar (2006-2011, 2017–present)

Rob Baker – drums (1975–1985)

Peter Boynton – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals (1975–1983)

Jon Checkowski – bass (1975–1978)

Arvo Lepp – guitar (1975–1978)

Steve Sexton - keyboards, synthesizers (1983-1984)

John Webster – keyboards, synthesizers (1984–1989, 2003–2006)

Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve – bass (1985–1990)

Randall Coryell – drums (1986–1990)

Peter Mueller – guitar (1988–1989)

Jamie Oakes – guitar (2002–2006)

Randall "Mongo" Stoll – drums (1998-2019)

Troy Feener – drums (2002–2006; 2009 – fill in for Direnzo)

Gary Craig – drums (2007 and 2009 – fill in for Direnzo)

Red Rider Discography Full - Studio albums

As Red Rider
Don't Fight It (1979)- Platinum Canada
As Far as Siam (1981)- Platinum Canada
Neruda (1983) Platinum Canada
Breaking Curfew (1984)

As Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
Tom Cochrane and Red Rider (1986)
Victory Day (1988) Platinum Canada
The Symphony Sessions (1989)

Compilation albums
Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider (1987)
Ashes to Diamonds (1993)
Trapeze: The Collection (2002)

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