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Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier (1984)

Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier (1984)

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Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier

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Side one

1. "Strange Frontier"   4:16

2. "Beautiful Dreams"   4:23

3. "Man on Fire"   4:05

4. "Racing in the Street" (Bruce Springsteen)   4:28

5. "Masters of War" (Bob Dylan)   3:51

Side two

1. "Killing Time"   4:58

2. "Abandonfire" (Taylor, David Richards)   4:12

3. "Young Love"   3:22

4. "It's an Illusion" (Taylor, Rick Parfitt)   4:03

5. "I Cry for You (Love, Hope and Confusion)" (Taylor, Richards)   4:16

Roger Taylor Band Members / Musicians

Roger Taylor - vocals, drums, keyboards, bass guitar, guitars

David Richards - keyboards

Freddie Mercury - backing vocals on "Killing Time"

Rick Parfitt - guitar on "It's an Illusion"

John Deacon - bass guitar on "It's an Illusion"

Brian May - rhythm guitar on "Man On Fire"

Strange Frontier is the 2nd album by the English musician Roger Taylor. This album includes two covers as well as a heavier sound than the previous album. Although Taylor again played most of the instruments himself (drums, guitars, bass and keyboards) and did most of the vocals, there were some occasional cameos by producer David Richards (on synths and piano), Status Quo member Rick Parfitt (on rhythm guitar) and Queen's bass guitarist John Deacon (on bass and mixing), Brian May (rhythm guitar on "Man on Fire") and Freddie Mercury (additional keyboards, and it is rumoured Mercury did backing vocals on "Killing Time", although this is speculative). The US edition has the track order rearranged.

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