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Roger Taylor - Happiness? (1994)

Roger Taylor - Happiness? (1994)

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Roger Taylor - Happiness?

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"Nazis 1994" – 2:35

"Happiness" – 3:17

"Revelations" – 3:44

"Touch the Sky" – 5:04

"Foreign Sand" – 6:53

"Freedom Train" – 6:12

"‘You Had to Be There’" – 2:55

"The Key" – 4:25

"Everybody Hurts Sometime" – 2:52

"Loneliness..." – 2:25

"Dear Mr Murdoch" – 4:19

"Old Friends" – 3:33

Roger Taylor Band Members / Musicians

Roger Taylor: Drums, Vocals and Guitars

Jason Falloon: Guitars

Phil Spalding: Bass

Mike Crossley: Piano and keyboards

Catherine Porter: Backing Vocals

Josh Macrae: Programming

Yoshiki: Arrangement, Drums, Piano and Synthesizer.

Roger Taylor: Vocals

Jim Cregan: Guitars

Phil Chen: Bass

Dick Marx: Strings Arrangement

Brad Buxer and Geoff Grace: Programming

Mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road

Album Design by Roger Taylor and Richard Gray

Happiness? is the 3rd solo album by the English musician Roger Taylor, best known as the drummer for the band Queen. It was his first album since Queen's 1991 album Innuendo, and his first album outside of Queen since 1991's Blue Rock.

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