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The Cross - Blue Rock (1991)

The Cross - Blue Rock (1991)

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The Cross - Blue Rock

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"Bad Attitude" (Peter Noone, Clayton Moss, Spike Edney, Josh Macrae, Roger Taylor) – 4:45

"New Dark Ages" (Roger Taylor) – 4:58

"Dirty Mind" (Spike Edney) – 3:30

"Baby It's Alright" (Spike Edney) – 4:06

"Ain't Put Nothin' Down" (Moss) – 4:30

"The Also Rans" (Roger Taylor) – 5:27

"Millionaire" (Moss, Spike Edney, Noone, Macrae) – 3:43

"Put it All Down to Love" (Spike Edney) – 3:34

"Hand of Fools" (Noone, Spike Edney) – 4:31

"Life Changes" (Moss, Noone, Spike Edney, Macrae) – 5:56

Non-Album Track

"Heartland" (Noone) 4:45

The Cross Band Members / Musicians

Roger Taylor – lead vocals

Spike Edney – keyboards, backing vocals

Clayton Moss- guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Heartland"

Peter Noone – bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Heartland"

Josh Macrae – drums, backing vocals

Blue Rock is the 3rd and final album released by The Cross. Like Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Blue Rock is a straight rock album which is currently out of print and has become a hard-to-find item.[citation needed] Spike Edney contributed a lot more to the record, writing or co-writing seven of the ten tracks of the album.

Because of the failure of their previous albums, Blue Rock was only released in Germany, Japan, Italy (vinyl only) and France (cassette only). Blue Rock, too, failed to sell many copies. This contributed to the disbanding of The Cross two years later.

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