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The Waterboys - Dream Harder (1993)

The Waterboys - Dream Harder (1993)

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The Waterboys - Dream Harder
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"The New Life" – 5:08
"Glastonbury Song" – 3:43
"Preparing to Fly" – 4:34
"The Return of Pan" – 4:19
"Corn Circles" – 4:05
"Suffer" – 3:49
"Winter Winter" – 0:33
"Love and Death" (words: William Butler Yeats, music: Scott) – 2:44
"Spiritual City" – 3:11
"Wonders of Lewis" – 2:04
"The Return of Jimi Hendrix" (words: Scott, music: Scott, Anthony Thistlethwaite, Jim Keltner) – 5:48
"Good News" – 3:35

The Waterboys Band Members / Musicians
Kenny Aaronson – bass guitar on "The New Life" and "Suffer"

Tawatha Agee – background vocals on "Glastonbury Song"

Laura Lee Ash – additional background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Carla Azar – drums

Chris Bruce – lead guitar, rhythm guitar

Darwin Buschman, M.D. – additional background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

James Campagnola – saxophone

Billy Connolly – voices

Roger Greenawalt – additional background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Steve Holley – drums on "Corn Circles"

Bashiri Johnson – conga, drums, tambourine, shaker, talking drum

Jim Keltner – drums on "The Return of Jimi Hendrix"

Caroline Lavelle – cello on "Love and Death"

Cindy Mizelle – background vocals on "Glastonbury Song"

Jerry Peters – percussion

Fiona Prendergast – additional background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Thommy Price – drums on "The New Life" and "Suffer"
Ljubisa "Lubi" Ristic – sitar

Mike Scott – guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals

Pal Shazar – background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Jules Shear – background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Brian Stanley – bass guitar on "Corn Circles"

George Stathos – Greek clarinet

Fonzi Thornton – background vocals on "Glastonbury Song"

Scott Thunes – bass guitar

Terry Wetmore – additional background vocals on "Preparing to Fly"

Bill Price, Niko Bolas – mixing

Dream Harder (1993) is the 6th album by The Waterboys. Led as always by Scottish singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Mike Scott, the album features none of the earlier UK-based band members and instead finds Scott backed by American session musicians. It was the last Waterboys album before Scott spent seven years pursuing a formal solo career, with Bring 'Em All In (1995) and Still Burning (1997). The album reached position 171 on the Billboard Top 200 charts, surpassing the previous Waterboys album Room to Roam, in spite of a less-than-enthusiastic response from critics to the album's sound.

The album art was provided by the photography of Michael Halsband and John Hardin and the painting of Pal Shazar, under the direction of Frank Olinsky and Tom Zutaut.

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