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The Waterboys - Room to Roam (1990)

The Waterboys - Room to Roam (1990)

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The Waterboys - Room to Roam
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"In Search of a Rose" – 1:20
"Song from the End of the World" – 1:59

"A Man Is in Love" (Scott) / "Kaliope House" (Dave Richardson) – 3:18

"Bigger Picture" (Scott, Anthony Thistlethwaite) – 2:26

"Natural Bridge Blues" (Traditional, arranged by The Waterboys) – 2:06

"Something That Is Gone" – 3:16

"The Star and the Sea" – 0:26

"A Life of Sundays" – 6:14

"Islandman" – 2:06

"The Raggle Taggle Gypsy" (Traditional, arranged by The Waterboys) – 2:58

"How Long Will I Love You?" – 3:38

"Upon the Wind and Waves" (Steve Wickham) – 0:44

"Spring Comes to Spiddal" – 1:24

"The Trip to Broadford" (Kieran Donnellan) – 1:14

"Further Up, Further In" (Traditional, arranged by The Waterboys, words by Scott) – 5:19

"Room to Roam" (George MacDonald, arranged by The Waterboys) – 3:08

"The Kings of Kerry" (Scott, Sharon Shannon, Wickham) – 0:56

The Waterboys Band Members / Musicians
Mike Scott – guitar, piano, lead vocals

Colin Blakey – whistle, flute, Hammond organ, piano

Anthony Thistlethwaite – saxophone, mandolin

Steve Wickham – fiddle, Hammond organ; vocals on "Upon the Wind And Waves"

Sharon Shannon – accordion, fiddle

Trevor Hutchinson – bass guitar, bouzouki

Noel Bridgeman – drums, percussion; backing vocals on "A Life of Sundays"

Roddy Lorimer – trumpet

J. Neil Sidwell – trombone

Kieran Wilde – clarinet

Barry Beckett – piano on "Something that is Gone" and "How Long Will I Love You?"

John "Turps" Burke – backing vocals

Ken Samson – didjeridu
Seamus Begley – backing vocals on "Room to Roam"

Eileen Begley - backing vocals on "Room to Roam"

Diarmuid O'Suilleabhan – backing vocals on "Room to Roam"

Tim Martin - engineer
Annie Siggins - sleeve design
Simon Fowler - photography

Room to Roam is an album by The Waterboys; it continued the folk rock sound of 1988's Fisherman's Blues, but was less of a commercial success, reaching #180 on the Billboard Top 200 after its release in September 1990. Critical response continues to be mixed. Allmusic describes it both as "not quite as [musically] successful" as Fisherman's Blues, but also as a "Celtic rock classic". The front and back covers were designed by Simon Fowler based upon photography by Stefano Giovannini and Sean Jackson.

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