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The Waterboys - A Rock in the Weary Land (2000)

The Waterboys - A Rock in the Weary Land (2000)

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The Waterboys - A Rock in the Weary Land

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"Let It Happen" – 6:20

"My Love Is My Rock in the Weary Land" – 8:16

"It's All Gone" – 2:15

"Is She Conscious?" – 4:41

"We Are Jonah" – 5:08

"Malediction" – 4:16

"Dumbing Down the World" – 3:06

"His Word Is Not His Bond" – 3:59

"Night Falls on London" – 0:48

"The Charlatan's Lament" – 6:52

"The Wind in the Wires" – 5:33

"Crown" – 7:04

The Waterboys Band Members / Musicians

Gilad Atzmon – saxophone

Paul Beavis – drums

Livingston Brown - bass guitar

Jody Linscott – drums

The London Community Gospel Choir

Cameron Miller – bass guitar

Richard Naiff – piano

Claire Nicholson - background vocals

Dave Ruffy – tambourine, drum programming

Mike Scott – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Danelectro Bellzouki electric 12-string guitar, piano, organ, synthesizer

Robin Scott – background vocals

Mark Smith – bass guitar

Jeremy Stacey – drums

Rowan Stigner – drum programming

Chris Taggart - drums

Thighpaulsandra – synthesizer, trumpet, keyboards, mellotron

Anthony Thistlethwaite – mandolin, slide mandolin

Kevin Wilkinson – drums

A Rock in the Weary Land is the 7th studio album by The Waterboys, released in 2000 by BMG International. It was their first album after a seven-year break. The album cover photography is by Steve Gullick.

Recording sessions for the album began in early 1999. It was the first album Scott had recorded without the backing of a record label. Once it was completed, Scott's manager, Philip Tennant, negotiated a deal with BMG and Scott decided to have the album, originally a solo project, released under the Waterboys' name. He recruited some of the musicians who had played on A Rock in the Weary Land as official band members for an upcoming UK tour.

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