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Three Dog Night - Hard Labor (1974)

Three Dog Night - Hard Labor (1974)

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Three Dog Night - Hard Labor

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Side 1

"Prelude" - 1:00

"Sure As I'm Sittin' Here" (John Hiatt) – 4:45

"Anytime Babe" (Larry Weiss) – 3:07

"Put Out the Light" (Daniel Moore) – 3:06

"Sitting in Limbo" (Gully Bright, Jimmy Cliff) – 5:03

Side 2

"I'd Be So Happy" (Skip Prokop) – 4:48

"Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)" (Allen Toussaint) – 4:48

"On the Way Back Home" (Moore) – 4:16

"The Show Must Go On" (David Courtney, Leo Sayer) – 4:24

Three Dog Night Band Members / Musicians

Mike Allsup - banjo, guitars

Jimmy Greenspoon - keyboard

Danny Hutton - lead vocals (tracks A6, B4), background vocals

Jimmy Iovine

Skip Konte - keyboard, ARP, chamberlin

Chuck Negron - lead vocals (tracks A3, B1, B4, B5), background vocals

Jack Ryland - bass

Joe Schermie - bass

Floyd Sneed - percussion, drums

Cory Wells - lead vocals (tracks A2, A5, B3, B4), background vocals

Producer: Jimmy Ienner

Engineers: Greg Calbi, Roy Cicala, Dennis Ferrante, Jimmy Ienner, Jay Messina, Tom Rabstenek, John Stronach

Assistant engineers: Corky Stasiak

Remixing: Roy Cicala, Jay Messina

Arranger: Three Dog Night

Art direction and photography: Ed Caraeff

Design: David Larkham

Hard Labor is the 11th album by American rock band Three Dog Night, released in 1974. The original album cover, depicting the birth of a record album, was deemed too controversial and was first included with a manila file folder covering most of the cover. This was soon reworked with a huge Band-Aid covering the "birth". Subsequent printings had the Band-Aid printed directly on the cover. The cover also includes an attached "birth record sheet" of the album. The CD reissue by MCA Records in the 1990s restored the cover to its original look showing the record.

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