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Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hygiene (1987)

Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hygiene (1987)

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Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hygiene

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Side one

1. "Sentimental Hygiene"   5:06

2. "Boom Boom Mancini"   4:54

3. "The Factory"   2:45

4. "Trouble Waiting to Happen"   3:32

5. "Reconsider Me"   3:09

Side two

6. "Detox Mansion"   3:15

7. "Bad Karma"   3:15

8. "Even a Dog Can Shake Hands"   3:26

9. "The Heartache"   3:19

10. "Leave My Monkey Alone"   4:12

Warren Zevon Band Members / Musicians

Warren Zevon – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, emulator, vocals

Bill Berry – drums

Peter Buck – guitar

Mike Mills – bass guitar

Jorge Calderón – bass guitar on "Sentimental Hygiene"; harmony on "Detox Mansion"

Mike Campbell – guitar on "Reconsider Me"

Darius Degher – sitar on "Bad Karma"

Bob Dylan – harmonica on "The Factory"

Amp Fiddler – keyboards on "Leave My Monkey Alone"

Flea – bass guitar on "Leave My Monkey Alone"

Don Henley – harmony on "Trouble Waiting to Happen"

DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight – guitar on "Leave My Monkey Alone"

Craig Krampf – drums on "Reconsider Me" and "Leave My Monkey Alone"

Tony Levin – bass guitar on "Reconsider Me"

David Lindley – lap steel guitar on "Detox Mansion", bowed saz on "Bad Karma"

Stan Lynch – harmony on "Bad Karma"

Rick Richards – guitar on "Even a Dog Can Shake Hands"

Brian Setzer – lead guitar on "Trouble Waiting to Happen"

Leland Sklar – bass guitar on "The Heartache"

Michael Stipe – harmony on "Bad Karma"

Waddy Wachtel – acoustic guitar on "Sentimental Hygiene", "Reconsider Me" and "The Heartache"

Jennifer Warnes – harmony on "The Heartache"

Jai Winding – keyboards on "Reconsider Me"

Neil Young – lead guitar on "Sentimental Hygiene"

Will Alexander, Brian Bell – computer programming on "Leave My Monkey Alone"

Producer: Warren Zevon, Niko Bolas, Andrew Slater

Engineer: Duncan Aldrich, Niko Bolas, Richard Bosworth

Assistant Engineer: Richard Cottrell, Richard Landers, Bob Levy, Mark McKenna, Dan Nash, Bob Vogt

Mixing: Niko Bolas, Larry Ferguson, Shelly Yakus

Mastering: Stephen Marcussen

Arranger: Niko Bolas, George Clinton, Larry Ferguson

Emulator: Warren Zevon

Programming and computers: Willie Alexander, Brian Bell

Art Direction: Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff, Margo Chase

Cover Photo: Herb Ritts

Sentimental Hygiene is the 6th studio album by rock singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. The album was released on August 29, 1987, by Virgin Records. The release of Sentimental Hygiene marked the first studio album for Zevon in five years. It produced the single "Reconsider Me", as well as the dance single "Leave My Monkey Alone".

The single version of "Leave My Monkey Alone" was extended to 10:34 minutes and included a remix by the Latin Rascals (Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran) and the non-album track, "Nocturne".

"Even a Dog Can Shake Hands" was used as the opening theme music for the short-lived Fox comedy series Action. The song was composed by Peter Buck, Bill Berry and Mike Mills, all members of R.E.M. backing up Zevon on this album, who also recorded an album with Zevon under the name Hindu Love Gods. Michael Stipe also of R.E.M., appears on the album providing vocals and harmony on the song "Bad Karma". The album features contributions by Bob Dylan and Neil Young; the former playing harmonica on "The Factory" and the latter lead guitar on the title track.

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