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Apocalypse - Aurora dos Sonhos (1996)

Apocalypse - Aurora dos Sonhos (1996)

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Apocalypse - Aurora dos Sonhos

1. "Jamais Retornarei" – 6:23

2. "Em Apenas Um Segundo" – 6:34

3. "Ultimo Horizonte" – 12:54

4. "A Um Passo Da Eternidade" – 9:52

5. "Do Outro Lado Da Vida" – 9:57

6. "Vindo Das Estrelas" – 12:13

Apocalypse Band Members / Musicians

Eloy Fritsch: Synthesizer, Piano, organ, moog, vocals

Ruy Fritsch: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Chico Fasoli: Drums, percussion, vocals

Chico Casara: Lead Vocal, Bass guitar

Aurora dos Sonhos is the 3rd studio album by the Brazilian progressive rock group Apocalypse. One year after Perto do Amanhecer, Apocalypse released Aurora dos Sonhos through Musea Records. The album dealt with different issues like conservation of nature, science fiction and spirituality. The tracks scan the fields of Neo Prog and Symphonic Rock with comfort, most of the guitar melodies are fantastic, while Eloy Fritsch seems to be another talented keyboard wizard, torturing his minimoog synthesizer with easiness. Many shifting moods and diverse textures guarantee another enjoyable release by the band.

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