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Apocalypse - Lendas Encantadas (1997)

Apocalypse - Lendas Encantadas (1997)

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Apocalypse - Lendas Encantadas

1. Miragem

2. Virada do Século

3. Sombra do Meu Ser

4. Sentinela

5. Luzes da Vida

6. Sozinho Perdido Dentro de Mim

7. Caçador de Máquinas

8. Mesmo que não Haja Nada

9. Chamando por Ajuda

10. Levando a Vida

Apocalypse Band Members / Musicians

Eloy Fritsch: Piano, organ, moog, Vocoder, vocals

Ruy Fritsch: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Chico Fasoli: Drums, percussion, vocals

Chico Casara: Lead Vocal, Bass guitar

Lendas Encantadas is the 4th album by Brazilian progressive rock band Apocalypse. It's a reissue of their first work (available in LP format only, titled Apocalypse) with all lyrics in Portuguese. The difference is that one track was completely re-recorded ("Sozinho, Perdido Dentro de Mim") and the guitar parts are added to this CD. Three bonus tracks recorded in 1992–1993 ("Mesmo que não Haja Nada", "Levando a Vida" and "Chamando por Ajuda – Crying for Help – Portuguese version") were also included.

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