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Fairport Convention - Gladys' Leap (1985)

Fairport Convention - Gladys' Leap (1985)

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Fairport Convention - Gladys' Leap

Side one (The Folkside)

"How Many Times" (Richard Thompson) - 3:29

"Bird from the Mountain" (Ralph McTell) - 4:51

"Honour and Praise" (John Richards) - 5:21

"The Hiring Fair" (Ralph McTell, Dave Mattacks) - 5:53

Side two (The Backside)

Instrumental Medley '85 - 5:08

"The Riverhead" (Dave Pegg)

"Gladys' Leap" (Dave Pegg)

"The Wise Maid" (Traditional, arrangement by Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg)

"My Feet are Set for Dancing" (Cathy Lesurf, arranged by Bill Martin) - 4:01

"Wat Tyler" (Ralph McTell, Simon Nicol) - 5:36

"Head in a Sack" (Dave Whetstone) - 4:23

Fairport Convention Band Members / Musicians

Simon Nicol - vocals, electric & acoustic guitars

Dave Pegg - bass guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, double bass, vocals

Dave Mattacks - drums, drum machine, keyboards, percussion

Ric Sanders - violin ("Bird from the Mountain", "The Hiring Fair", Instrumental Medley)

Richard Thompson - electric guitar ("Head in a Sack")

Cathy Lesurf - vocal ("My Feet Are Set for Dancing")

Harold Wells - spoken intro to "Bird from the Mountain"

Gladys' Leap is the 14th studio album by Fairport Convention originally released in August 1985. It was recorded in April and May 1985 at Woodworm Studios, Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire, UK. It was produced and engineered by Simon Nicol, Dave Mattacks and Dave Pegg and the assistant engineers were Tim Matyear and Mark Powell. The album features the first contributions to a Fairport album by founding member Richard Thompson since Rosie in 1973. Thompson wrote the opening track "How Many Times" and played lead guitar on "Head in a Sack".

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