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Fairport Convention - Expletive Delighted! (1986)

Fairport Convention - Expletive Delighted! (1986)

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Fairport Convention - Expletive Delighted!

Side one

"The Rutland Reel/Sack the Juggler" (Ric Sanders) - 3:20

"The Cat on the Mixer/Three Left Feet" (Maartin Allcock) - 3:37

"Bankruptured" (Dave Pegg) - 3:04

"Portmeirion" (Ric Sanders) - 5:21

"Jams O'Donnell's Jigs" (Dave Pegg) - 2:48

Side two

"Expletive Delighted" (Ric Sanders) - 1:55

"Sigh Beg Sigh Mor" (O' Carolan) - 7:18

"Innstuck" (Maartin Allcock) - 2:08

"The Gas Almost Works" (John Kirkpatrick) 1:58

"Hanks for the Memory" (various, arrangement by Jerry Donahue) - 4:38

"Shazam!" (Duane Eddy, Lee Hazlewood)

"Pipeline" (Bob Spickard, Brian Carmen)

"Apache" (Jerry Lordan)

"Peter Gunn" (Henry Mancini)

Fairport Convention Band Members / Musicians

Maartin Allcock - guitars, bouzouki, mandolin

Dave Mattacks - drums, percussion, keyboards

Simon Nicol - guitars

Dave Pegg - acoustic & bass guitars, mandola

Ric Sanders - violin

Jerry Donahue - guitar

Richard Thompson - guitar

Expletive Delighted! is a 1986 album by British folk rock band Fairport Convention, their 15th studio album since their debut in 1968. It is the band's only album consisting solely of instrumental tracks, despite the claim "Lyric sheet enclosed" on the album cover.

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