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Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine (1987)

Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine (1987)

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Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine

Side one

1. "Black and White"   3:01

2. "Followed Around"   2:48

3. "Lost and Found"   2:04

4. "There's a Man Outside"   3:13

5. "Crazy Lover"   2:33

6. "Man and a Woman"   3:59

Side two

1. "Hot Animal Machine 1"   3:01

2. "Ghost Rider" (Suicide cover)   2:27

3. "Move Right In" (The Velvet Underground cover)   2:43

4. "Hot Animal Machine 2"   3:31

5. "No One"   6:03

Henry Rollins Band Members / Musicians

Mick Green – drums

Chris Haskett – electric guitar, production

Henry Rollins – vocals, production

Bernie Wandel – bass guitar

Geoff Clout – engineering, mixing

John Golden – mastering

Mark Mothersbaugh – illustrations

Henry Lawrence Garfield (born February 13, 1961), known professionally as Henry Rollins, is an American musician, singer, actor, presenter, comedian, and activist. He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, is a regular columnist for Rolling Stone Australia, and was a regular columnist for LA Weekly.

After performing in the short-lived band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the California hardcore punk band Black Flag from 1981 to 1986. Following the band's breakup, he established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61 to release his spoken word albums, and formed the Rollins Band, which toured with a number of lineups from 1987 to 2003 (and again in 2006).

Rollins has hosted numerous radio shows, such as Harmony in My Head on Indie 103, and television shows such as The Henry Rollins Show, 120 Minutes, and Jackass. He had recurring dramatic roles in the second season of Sons of Anarchy, in the final seasons of the animated series The Legend of Korra as Zaheer, and has also had roles in several films. He has campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including the promotion of LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, the West Memphis Three, and an end to all war.

Henry Rollins Discography Full

With State of Alert

No Policy (1981)

Flex Your Head (1982)

With Black Flag

Damaged (1981)

My War (1984)

Family Man (1984)

Slip It In (1984)

Live '84 (1984)

Loose Nut (1985)

In My Head (1985)

Who's Got the 10½? (1986)


Hot Animal Machine (1987)

Drive by Shooting (1987)

Live (1987) – split album with Gore

With Rollins Band

Life Time (1987, re-release 1999)

Hard Volume (1989, re-release 1999)

Turned On (1990)

The End of Silence (1992, double-CD re-release 2002)

Weight (1994)

Come In and Burn (1997)

Insert Band Here (1999)

A Clockwork Orange Stage (2000)

Get Some Go Again (2000)

Nice (2001)

A Nicer Shade of Red (2002)

End of Silence Demos (2002)

The Only Way to Know for Sure: Live in Chicago (2002)

Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three (2002)

With Wartime

Fast Food For Thought (1990)

Spoken word

Short Walk on a Long Pier (1985)

Big Ugly Mouth (1987)

Sweatbox (1989)

Live at McCabe's (1990)

Human Butt (1992)

The Boxed Life (1993)

Think Tank (1998)

Eric the Pilot (1999)

A Rollins in the Wry (2001)

Live at the Westbeth Theater (2001)

Talk Is Cheap: Volume 1 (2003)

Talk Is Cheap: Volume 2 (2003)

Talk Is Cheap: Volume 3 (2004)

Talk Is Cheap: Volume 4 (2004)

Provoked (2008)

Spoken Word Guy (2010)

Spoken Word Guy 2 (2010)

Spoken word videos

Talking from the Box (1993)

Henry Rollins Goes to London (1995)

You Saw Me Up There (1998)

Up for It (2001)

Live at Luna Park (2004)

Shock & Awe: The Tour (2005)

Uncut from NYC (2006)

Uncut from Israel (2006)

San Francisco 1990 (2007)

Live in the Conversation Pit (2008)

Provoked: Live From Melbourne (2008)

50 (2012)

Keep Talking, Pal (2018)

Audio books

Get in the Van: On the Road with Black Flag (1994)

Everything (1996)

Black Coffee Blues (1997)

Nights Behind the Tree Line (2004)

World War Z (2007)

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