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Magma - Attahk (1978)

Magma - Attahk (1978)

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Magma - Attahk

Side one

"The Last Seven Minutes (1970-1971, Phase I)" - 7:35

"Spiritual (Negro Song)" - 3:17

"Rindë (Eastern Song)" - 3:07

"Liriïk Necronomicus Kahnt (in which our heroes Ürgon & Ğorğo Meet)" - 4:59

Side two

"Maahnt (The Wizard's Fight Versus the Devil)" - 5:29

"Dondaï (To an Eternal Love)" - 7:59

"Nono (1978, Phase II)" - 6:17

Magma Band Members / Musicians

Klaus Blasquiz (Klotz) – vocals

Rene Garber (Stundehr) – vocals

Stella Vander (Thaud) – vocals

Lisa Bois (Sïhnn) – vocals

Tony Russo – trumpet

Jacques Bolognesi – trombone

Benoit Widemann (Kahal) – grand piano, Rhodes piano, Minimoog, Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer

Guy Delacroix (Ürgon and Gorgo) – "Earth" bass, "Air" bass

Christian Vander (Dëhrstün) – lead vocals, drums, percussion, grand piano, Rhodes piano, Chamberlin

Attahk is the 7th studio album by Magma, released in 1978.

After Üdü Ẁüdü, Magma disbanded for a year until reuniting under a slightly different direction than before. This album incorporates elements of funk, R&B, gospel, and pop music.

Some songs on this album – such as "Rindë" - as well as some from Live/Hhaï (1975) and Üdü Ẁüdü (1976) – are incorporated in Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré.

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