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Plasmatics - Coup de Grace (2000)

Plasmatics - Coup de Grace (2000)

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Plasmatics - Coup de Grace

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"Put Your Love in Me" (Stotts, Swenson) - 4:13

"Stop" (Beech, Swenson) - 4:34

"Rock 'n' Roll" (Stotts, Swenson) - 3:58

"Just Like on TV" (Beech, Swenson) - 4:04

"Uniformed Guards" (Stotts, Swenson) - 4:27

"No Class" (Clarke, Kilmister, Taylor) - 2:09

"Mistress of Passion" (Stotts, Swenson) - 3:43

"Lightning Breaks" (Beech, Swenson) - 3:42

"Path of Glory" (Stotts, Swenson) - 5:00

"Country Fairs" (Stotts, Swenson) - 4:08

"The Damned" (Romanelli, Swenson) - 3:54

Coup de Grace is a postmortem released by punk / metal band The Plasmatics in 2000. The album is the original demo of the album Coup d'Etat.

During the spring of 1982, the Plasmatics were signed to Capitol Records and Dan Hartman offered to produce a demo of the album for Capitol with Rod at Electric Lady Studios, Jimi Hendrix's old studio, in NY. The whole album was arranged, recorded and mixed within a week. Dieter Dierks, who had just come off a number one album with the Scorpions, also expressed interest in producing. Dan Hartman was soon replaced by Dieter.

The Hartman demo was released in 2000 under the name "Coup de Grace". This rawer version of Coup d'Etat took less than a tenth of the time and a fraction of the budget of the original.

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