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Plasmatics - Maggots The Record (1987)

Plasmatics - Maggots The Record (1987)

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Plasmatics - Maggots The Record

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1. "Overture / Introduction (Narrator)"   0:59

2. "You're a Zombie"   2:45

3. "The White's Apartment / Full Meal Diner"   2:46

4. "The Day of the Humans Is Gone"   3:31

5. "The Central Research Laboratory / Valerie and Bruce on the Phone"   3:06

6. "Destroyers"   3:07

7. "The White's Apartment / Bruce's Bedroom"    1:40

8. "Brain Dead"   2:33

9. "The White's Apartment / Bruce's Bedroom"   2:30

10. "Propagators"   3:00

11. "The White's Apartment / Fire Escape"   2:02

12. "Finale"   4:06

Total length:   32:05

Plasmatics Band Members / Musicians

Wendy O. Williams – vocals

Wes Beech – rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals

Michael Ray – rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals

Chris Romanelli – bass guitar, backing vocals

Ray Callahan – drums, backing vocals

Voice Actors

James Gerth – the narrator

Jeanine P. Morick – Paula White, Dr. Wanda Carnot

Jeff Griglak – Josh White

Scott Harlan – Joe White, Dr. Richard Boltzmann, Lance

Tony Marzocco – Bruce Maltin

Suzanne Bedford – Valerie, Cindy White

Andy Bleiberg – anonymous TV anchor #1, TV game show host

Rod Swenson (credited as Stellar Axeman) – anonymous TV anchor #2

Rod Swenson – producer

Wes Beech – associate producer

Jon Smith – engineer

Al Theurer – engineer

Larry Peet – assistant engineer

Rod Swenson (credited as Butch Star) – cover design

Eric Karalis – cover painting

John Michaels – photography

Jack Rudy – Wendy O. Williams' tattoo

Maggots: The Record is the 4th studio album by American rock singer Wendy O. Williams and her band Plasmatics. It was released on February 18, 1987 by Profile Records. Labeled as a special "9th Anniversary Album", it was the last album released by the band. Despite being labeled a "Plasmatics" album, it is often regarded as another Wendy O. Williams's solo album, largely in part because her name is over that of the band, the merchandise for the tour has the WOW logo from her solo career, Michael Ray is playing lead guitars on the album, and the only original member is Wes Beech on rhythm guitar. all music compositions for this album were written and arranged by Michael Ray, except the "Propagators" song. Maggots: The Record was recorded in 1987 and is a concept album set 25 years in the future, where environmental abuse and the burning of fossil fuels have created a greenhouse effect, leading to an end of the world scenario. The album features various scenes of the White Family over the course of three days. The family is devoured while watching a TV game show. Valerie, the girlfriend of a hot-shot television reporter Bruce is devoured by three massive maggots while lying in her boyfriend's bed. The final scene of the record shows the entire human population is headed for imminent annihilation. The album was released through Profile Records under the WOW label in the United States and overseas by GWR Records, which had been started by Motörhead's longtime manager Doug Smith.

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