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Plasmatics - New Hope for the Wretched (1980)

Plasmatics - New Hope for the Wretched (1980)

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Plasmatics - New Hope for the Wretched
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1. "Tight Black Pants"   1:44
2. "Monkey Suit"   3:19
3. "Living Dead"   1:31
4. "Test Tube Babies"   1:51
5. "Won't You"   2:25
6. "Concrete Shoes"   2:52
7. "Squirm" (Live)   3:29
8. "Want You Baby"   1:53
9. "Dream Lover"   5:35
10. "Sometimes I"   3:51
11. "Corruption"   2:36
12. "Butcher Baby"    3:20

Total length:   34:26

Plasmatics Band Members / Musicians
Wendy O. Williams – vocals, saxophone, chainsaw, machine gun
Richie Stotts – lead guitar
Wes Beech – rhythm guitar
Jean Beauvoir – bass guitar
Stu Deutsch – drums, synthdrums

Jimmy Miller – producer, percussion
Ed Stasium – producer, engineer, mixing
Rod Swenson – producer, management, mixing
Trevor Hallsey – engineer

New Hope for the Wretched is the debut studio album by American punk rock band Plasmatics. It was released on October 2, 1980 by Stiff Records.

The Plasmatics were an American punk rock and heavy metal band formed by Rod Swenson and Wendy O. Williams in New York City in 1977. They were a controversial group known for chaotic, destructive live shows and outrageous theatrics. These included chainsawing guitars, destroying speaker cabinets, sledgehammering television sets and blowing up automobiles live on stage. Williams was arrested in Milwaukee by the Milwaukee Police before being charged with public indecency.

The Plasmatics' career spanned five studio albums and multiple EPs. The band was composed of lead vocalist Wendy O. Williams and various other musicians rotating behind her over time. Aside from Williams and manager Rod Swenson, guitarist Wes Beech was the only other permanent member of the group. Guitarist Richie Stotts was a co-founder of the band and a mainstay of the pre-breakup core group (1978–1983). After the full breakup of the band following the release of Coup d'etat, Stotts was edited out of band videos and was not referred to by name in a 2006 compilation DVD released by Plasmatics Media LLC (via

Plasmatics Band Members / Musicians

Wendy O. Williams – lead vocals, saxophone, chainsaw, sledgehammer (1978–1983, 1987–88; died 1998)

Wes Beech – guitar (1979–1983, 1987–88), keyboards (1979–1983, 1983, 1987–88), backing vocals

Chris Romanelli – bass (1981–1983, 1983, 1987–88), keyboards (1981–1983, 1987–88), backing vocals

Michael Ray – guitar (1987–88), backing vocals

Ray Callahan – drums (1987–88), backing vocals

George Pierson - tour/sound manager

Jim Cherry - Road Manager

Jim Kramer - booking agent

Pyro Pete Cappadocia - live pyrotechnics

Mick "Agent Orange" Bello - Roadie

Richie Stotts – guitar (1978–1983)

Chosei Funahara – bass (1978–1980)

Jean Beauvoir – bass, keyboards (1980–1981)

Greg Smith – bass (1983)

Stu Deutsch – drums (1978–1981)

Joey Reese – drums (1981–1982)

T.C. Tolliver – drums (1982–1983)

Plasmatics Discography Full - Studio albums
New Hope for the Wretched (1980)
Beyond the Valley of 1984 (1981)
Coup d'etat (1982)
Maggots: The Record (1987)
Coup de Grace (2000)

Butcher Baby (1978)
Dream Lover (1979)
Monkey Suit (1980)
Metal Priestess (1981)

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