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The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me (1987)

The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me (1987)

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The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me

1. "I.O.U."   2:57

2. "Alex Chilton"   3:11

3. "I Don't Know"   3:20

4. "Nightclub Jitters"   2:44

5. "The Ledge"   4:04

6. "Never Mind"   2:47

7. "Valentine"   3:31

8. "Shooting Dirty Pool"   2:20

9. "Red Red Wine"   3:00

10. "Skyway"   2:04

11. "Can't Hardly Wait"   3:02

The Replacements Band Members / Musicians

Paul Westerberg – lead and background vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano (on "Nightclub Jitters"), six-string bass (on "Skyway", "Can't Hardly Wait"), harmonica (on "Can't Hardly Wait")

Tommy Stinson – bass guitar (except "Skyway"), background vocals, upright bass (on "Nightclub Jitters"), acoustic guitar and guitar fills (on "Can't Hardly Wait")

Chris Mars – drums, background vocals, cowbell (on "Alex Chilton"), foot tap (on "Skyway")

Jim Dickinson (credited as East Memphis Slim) – keyboards (on "I.O.U.", "The Ledge", "Can't Hardly Wait"), background vocals (on "I.O.U."), organ (on "Valentine"), vibes (on "Skyway")

James "Vito" Lancaster – background vocals (on "I.O.U.", "Alex Chilton", "Shooting Dirty Pool")

Teenage Steve Douglas – baritone sax (on "I Don't Know"), bass flute (on "The Ledge")

Prince Gabe – saxophone (on "Nightclub Jitters")

Luther Dickinson – guitar solo (on "Shooting Dirty Pool")

Alex Chilton – guitar fills (on "Can't Hardly Wait")

Max Huls – strings (on "Can't Hardly Wait")

The Memphis Horns (on "Can't Hardly Wait"):

Andrew Love – tenor sax

Ben Cauley (credited as Ben Jr.) – trumpet

John Hampton – engineer, mixing

Joe Hardy – engineer, mixing

Ted Jensen – mastering

James Lancaster – production Assistant, inner sleeve photography

Daniel Corrigan – cover and inner sleeve photography

Glenn Parsons – design

Pleased to Meet Me is the 5th studio album by the American rock band The Replacements, released in 1987 by Sire Records. The album was acclaimed by music critics.

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