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Wire - Chairs Missing (1978)

Wire - Chairs Missing (1978)

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Wire - Chairs Missing

Side one

1. "Practice Makes Perfect"   4:11

2. "French Film Blurred"   2:34

3. "Another the Letter"   1:07

4. "Men 2nd"   1:43

5. "Marooned"   2:21

6. "Sand in My Joints"   1:50

7. "Being Sucked in Again"   3:14

8. "Heartbeat"   3:16

Side two

9. "Mercy"   5:46

10. "Outdoor Miner"   1:44

11. "I Am the Fly"   3:09

12. "I Feel Mysterious Today"   1:57

13. "From the Nursery"   2:58

14. "Used To"   2:23

15. "Too Late"   4:14

Wire Band Members / Musicians

Colin Newman – vocals, guitar, backing vocals, arrangement

Bruce Gilbert – guitar, arrangement, concept

Graham Lewis – bass, vocals on "Sand in My Joints", backing vocals, arrangement, concept, original sleeve design

Robert Gotobed – drums, percussion, arrangement

Kathryn Lukas – flute on "Heartbeat"

Mike Thorne – production, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals on "Being Sucked in Again", arrangement

Paul Hardiman – engineering

Ken Thomas – assistant engineering

Annette Green – photography

Brian Palmer – art direction

Chairs Missing is the 2nd studio album by English rock band Wire. It was released in August 1978. The album peaked at number 48 in the UK Albums Chart.

Although it features some of the minimalist punk rock of the band's debut Pink Flag, it features more developed song structure (taking some cues from 1970s prog-rock, psychedelia, and art rock), keyboard and synthesizer elements brought in by producer Mike Thorne, and a broader palette of emotional and intellectual subject matter. The title is said to be a British slang term for a mildly disturbed person, as in "that guy has a few chairs missing in his front room". The single "Outdoor Miner" was a minor hit, peaking at number 51 in the UK Singles Chart.

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