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Wire - 154 (1979)

Wire - 154 (1979)

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Wire - 154

Side one

1. "I Should Have Known Better"   3:52

2. "Two People in a Room"   2:00

3. "The 15th"   3:05

4. "The Other Window"   2:07

5. "Single K.O."   2:23

6. "A Touching Display"   6:55

7. "On Returning"   2:06

Side two

8. "A Mutual Friend"   4:28

9. "Blessed State"   3:28

10. "Once Is Enough"   3:23

11. "Map Ref. 41°N 93°W"   3:40

12. "Indirect Enquiries"   3:36

13. "40 Versions"   3:28

Wire Band Members / Musicians

Colin Newman – vocals, guitar, backing vocals, distorted bass on "On Returning"

Graham Lewis – bass, vocals on "I Should Have Known Better", "A Touching Display" and "Blessed State", backing vocals, percussion on "Once Is Enough", sleeve concept

B. C. Gilbert – guitar, spoken word on "The Other Window", sleeve concept

Robert Gotobed – drums, percussion

Additional personnel and production

Kate Lukas – alto flute on "Single K.O."

Tim Souster – electric viola on "A Touching Display"

Hilly Kristal – bass vocals on "A Mutual Friend"

Joan Whiting – cor anglais on "A Mutual Friend"

Mike Thorne – production, synthesizer, piano on "Single K.O."

Paul Hardiman – engineer

Ken Thomas – assistant engineer

Dave Dragon – art direction

Brian Harris – typographic design

154 is the 3rd album by the English post-punk band Wire, released in 1979 on EMI imprint Harvest Records in the UK and Europe and Warner Bros. Records in America. Branching out even further from the minimalist punk rock style of their earlier work, 154 is considered a progression of the sounds displayed on Wire's previous album Chairs Missing, with the group experimenting with slower tempos, fuller song structures and a more prominent use of guitar effects, synthesizers and electronics.

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