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Zeromancer - Eurotrash (2001)

Zeromancer - Eurotrash (2001)

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Zeromancer - Eurotrash

1. "Doctor Online"

2. "Eurotrash"

3."Need You Like a Drug"

4. "Chrome Bitch"

5. "Wannabe"

6. "Neo Geisha"

7. "Cupola"

8. "Send Me an Angel" (Real Life cover)

9. "Plasmatic"

10. "Raising Hell"

11. "Philharmonic"

12. "Germany"

Zeromancer Band Members / Musicians

Alex Møklebust – vocals

Kim Ljung - bass, backing vocals

Noralf Ronthi - drums

Chris Schleyer - guitar

Erik Ljunggren - keyboard, programming

Eurotrash is the 2nd studio album of the Norwegian industrial rock band Zeromancer.

The album spawned 2 singles, "Doctor Online" and "Need You Like a Drug", and a cover of Real Life's "Send Me an Angel". Need You Like a Drug hit number one on the Deutsche Alternative Charts in 2002.

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