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Zeromancer - Zzyzx (2003)

Zeromancer - Zzyzx (2003)

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Zeromancer - Zzyzx

1. "Teenage Recoil"

2. "Hollywood"

3. "Famous Last Words"

4. "Erotic Saints"

5. "Idiot Music"

6. "Stop the Noise!"

7. "Feed You with a Kiss"

8. "Lamp Halo"

9. "Mosquito Coil"

10. "Blood Music"

11. "New Madonna" (Bonus Track)

12. "Gone to Your Head" (Bonus Track)

13. "Fractured" (Bonus Track)

Zeromancer Band Members / Musicians

Alex Møklebust – vocals

Kim Ljung – bass, backing vocals

Noralf Ronthi – drums

Chris Schleyer – guitar

Erik Ljunggren – Keyboard, programming

Zzyzx is the 3rd studio album of the Norwegian industrial rock band Zeromancer. The album takes its title from the name of a road leading to, and named for, Zzyzx, California.

This album saw Zeromancer approaching a more lighter sound with a more much mainstream direction yet with much more meaningful lyrics. The album spawned two singles, "Erotic Saints" followed by "Famous Last Words".

This was also their only album released through the Warner Music Group.

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