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Billy Squier - Tell the Truth (1993)

Billy Squier - Tell the Truth (1993)

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Billy Squier - Tell the Truth

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"Angry" (4:30)

"Tryin' to Walk a Straight Line" (4:05)

"Rhythm (A Bridge So Far)" (7:01)

"Hercules" (4:43)

"Lovin' You Ain't So Hard" (5:18)

"Time Bomb" (6:56)

"Stranger to Myself" (5:54)

"The Girl's All Right" (4:09)

"Break Down" (4:48)

"Not a Color" (5:13)

"Mind Machine" (3:59)

"Shocked Straight" (4:06)

Tell the Truth is the 8th studio album by Billy Squier that was released in March 4, 1993 and his most recent rock album as of 2021. It contains the song "Angry", which became a modest and his last radio hit. It was not supported by Capitol Records, causing Squier to walk away from the music industry for several years.

In the US, the disc failed to chart and sold less than 40,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, making it one of Squier's poorest selling albums.

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