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Loggins and Messina - Loggins and Messina (1972)

Loggins and Messina - Loggins and Messina (1972)

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Loggins and Messina - Loggins and Messina

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Side one

"Good Friend" (Jim Messina) – 4:04 (lead singer: Jim Messina)

"Whiskey" (Kenny Loggins) – 1:58 (lead singer: Kenny Loggins)

"Your Mama Don't Dance" (Loggins, Messina) – 2:48 (lead singers: Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins)

"Long Tail Cat" (Loggins) – 3:47 (lead singer: Kenny Loggins)

"Golden Ribbons" (Messina) – 6:08 (lead singers: Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins, Larry Sims)

Side two

"Thinking of You" (Messina) – 2:19 (lead singer: Jim Messina)

"Just Before the News" (Messina) – 1:09 (instrumental)

"Till the Ends Meet" (Loggins) – 3:10 (lead singer: Kenny Loggins)

"Holiday Hotel" (Messina, Al Garth) – 2:02 (lead singer: Jim Messina)

"Lady of My Heart" (Loggins) – 1:44 (lead singer: Kenny Loggins)

"Angry Eyes" (Loggins, Messina) – 7:40 (lead singers: Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina)

Loggins and Messina Band Members / Musicians

Kenny Loggins – vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, acoustic guitar

Jim Messina – vocals, lead guitar, electric mandolin, acoustic guitar

Merel Bregante – backing vocals, drums

Lester "Al" Garth - violin, recorder, alto and tenor saxophones

Jon Clarke – flute, oboe, recorder, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone

Larry Sims – backing vocals, bass

Michael Omartian – Hammond organ, acoustic piano, harmonium, clavinet, tack piano, Wurlitzer electric piano

Rusty Young – dobro on "Long Tail Cat"

Milt Holland – percussion

Producer – Jim Messina

Engineer – George Beauregard

Mixing – John Fiore

Recording Consultant – Alex Kazanegras

Design – Ron Coro and Anne Garner

Front Cover Photo – Jim Marshall

Back Cover Photo – Marsha Reed

Management – Schiffman and Larsen

Loggins and Messina is the 2nd album by singer/songwriters Loggins and Messina, released in 1972.

Following on the success of their first album, this album built on the strengths of their debut outing. It also became the true introduction of the team, Loggins and Messina, not as singles playing together, but rather as a team that played as one.

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