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Pink Fairies - Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em (1987)

Pink Fairies - Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em (1987)

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Pink Fairies - Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em

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"Broken Statue" (Wallis, Farren)

"Fear of Love" (Wallis)

"Undercover of Confusion" (Colquhoun)

"Waiting for the Ice Cream to Melt" (Colquhoun, Farren)

"Taking LSD" (Wallis, Sanderson)

"White Girls on Amphetamine" (Colquhoun, Farren)

"Seeing Double" (Wallis)

"Fool About You" (Wallis)

"Bad Attitude" (Wallis, Norman Gordon-Pilkington)

"I Might Be Lying" (Colquhoun, Wallis)


Pink Fairies Band Members / Musicians

Andy Colquhoun – guitar, vocals

Larry Wallis – guitar, vocals

Duncan Sanderson – bass

Russell Hunter – drums

Twink – drums, vocals

Recorded at Picnic Studios

Engineered and mixed by Mike Banks

Assistant Engineer - Spyda

Keith Morris - photography

Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em is a 1987 album by the UK underground group Pink Fairies.

This is a reformed Pink Fairies, prompted by an offer from Jake Riviera, head of Demon Records. Of the five original group members, Paul Rudolph wasn't involved. Wallis' preference for having a fellow guitarist led to the inclusion of the only non-former member Andy Colquhoun, but Colquhoun had worked extensively alongside Wallis during the late 1980s Mick Farren group. Farren himself contributes some lyrics, including those of a re-recording of his "Broken Statue" single.

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