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Pink Fairies - Live at the Roundhouse 1975 (1982)

Pink Fairies - Live at the Roundhouse 1975 (1982)

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Pink Fairies - Live at the Roundhouse 1975

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"City Kids" (Wallis, Sanderson)

"Waiting for the Man" (Lou Reed)

"Lucille" (Albert Collins, Richard Penniman)

"Uncle Harry's Last Freakout" (Sanderson, Rudolph, Hunter)

"Going Down" (Don Nix)

CD reissue bonus tracks

"As Long As The Price Is Right"

"Waiting For The Lightning To Strike"

"Can't Find The Lady"

"No Second Chance"

"Talk of The Devil"

"I Think It's Coming Back Again"

"Do It 1977" (Twink & The Fairies)

"Psychedelic Punkeroo" (Twink & The Fairies)

"Enter The Diamonds" (Twink & The Fairies)


Pink Fairies Band Members / Musicians

Paul Rudolph – guitar, vocals

Larry Wallis – guitar, vocals

Duncan Sanderson – bass, vocals

Russell Hunter – drums

Twink – drums, vocals

Live at the Roundhouse 1975 is a 1982 album of a 1975 concert by the UK underground group Pink Fairies.

A one-off reunion concert featuring all five previous members of the group was organised by Ted Carroll, head of Chiswick Records. At the time of this gig, Rudolph was also playing bass for Hawkwind whilst Wallis was playing guitar for Mot├Ârhead. The tapes were licensed from Douglas Smith for release in 1982, although only part of the concert was issued, the rest being deemed unsuitable for public consumption.

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