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Pink Fairies - Never Never Land (1971)

Pink Fairies - Never Never Land (1971)

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Pink Fairies - Never Never Land

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"Do It" (Pink Fairies) - 4:15

"Heavenly Man" (Alder) - 3:41

"Say You Love Me" (Pink Fairies) - 3:48

"War Girl" (Alder) - 4:34

"Never Never Land" (Pink Fairies) - 6:55

"Track One, Side Two" (Pink Fairies) - 4:41

"Thor" (Alder) - 0:58

"Teenage Rebel" (Pink Fairies) - 5:20

"Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out" (Pink Fairies) - 10:51

"The Dream Is Just Beginning" (Alder) - 1:18

Pink Fairies Band Members / Musicians

Paul Rudolph – guitar, vocals

Duncan Sanderson – bass

Russell Hunter – drums

Twink – drums, vocals

Never Never Land is the 1971 debut album by the UK underground group Pink Fairies.

Polydor Records commissioned the group to record a single, "The Snake"/"Do It", and were happy enough with the results to offer the group an album contract. A promotional film was recorded for the single on the set of Oliver!, but the single was omitted from this debut album. The b-side, "Do It", did appear but with added overdubs. "Do It" was later covered by the Henry Rollins Band on their Do It album.

Pink Fairies are an English rock band initially active in the London (Ladbroke Grove) underground and psychedelic scene of the early 1970s. They promoted free music, drug use, and anarchy, and often performed impromptu gigs and other stunts, such as playing for nothing outside the gates at the Bath and Isle of Wight pop festivals in 1970, as well as appearing at Phun City, the first Glastonbury and many other free festivals including Windsor and Trentishoe.

Pink Fairies Discography Full

1971 – Never Never Land

1972 – What a Bunch of Sweeties

1973 – Kings of Oblivion

1982 – Previously Unreleased

1987 – Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em

1996 – Pleasure Island

1997 – No Picture

2017 – Naked Radio

2018 – Resident Reptiles

Live albums

1982 – Live at the Roundhouse 1975

1998 - The Golden Years: 1969–1971

1998 - Mandies and Mescaline Round at Uncle Harry's (NMC) (BBC sessions, live)

1999 - Do It! (Total Energy) (live, Twink solo material)

1999 - Live at Weeley 1971 (live)

2005 - Chinese Cowboys (live 1987)

2008 - Finland Freakout 1971 (live)

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