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Klaatu - Magentalane (1981)

Klaatu - Magentalane (1981)

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Klaatu - Magentalane

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1. "A Million Miles Away"   3:39

2. "The Love of a Woman"   3:23

3. "Blue Smoke"   4:41

4. "I Don't Wanna Go Home"   2:51

5. "December Dream"   4:20

6. "Magentalane"   2:35

7. "At the End of the Rainbow"   3:30

8. "Mrs. Toad's Cookies"   3:06

9. "Maybe I'll Move to Mars"   5:15

10. "Magentalane ( feels so good)"   0:52

11. "End"   0:05


Klaatu Band Members / Musicians

John Woloschuk - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, vibraphone, electric sitar, ocarina, glockenspiel

Dee Long - vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, Korg synthesizer

Terry Draper - drums, percussion, Polymoog synthesizer, trombone, tambourine, vocals

John Johnson - saxophone solo on "The Love of a Woman"

Memo Acevedo - conga on "The Love of a Woman"

Adele, Paul and Dick Armin - strings on "The Love of a Woman", "December Dream" and "Maybe I'll Move to Mars"

George Bertok - piano on "Blue Smoke"

Lorne Grossman - tympani and chimes on "December Dream" and "Maybe I'll Move to Mars"

Paul Irvine - trumpet and trombone on "December Dream" and "Maybe I'll Move to Mars

Jill Vogel, Anna Draper and Linda Davies - backing vocals on "Mrs. Toad's Cookies"

Frank Watt (drums), Ken Wannamaker (bass), Dave Kennedy (guitar) on At The End of the Rainbow.

Magentalane was the 5th and final album of new material by the Canadian rock group Klaatu.

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