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Klaatu - Endangered Species (1980)

Klaatu - Endangered Species (1980)

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Klaatu - Endangered Species

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1. "I Can't Help It"   3:41

2. "Knee Deep in Love"   3:15

3. "Paranoia"   4:12

4. "Howl at the Moon"   3:32

5. "Set the World on Fire"   4:16

6. "Hot Box City"   3:48

7. "Dog Star"   4:17

8. "Sell Out, Sell Out"   4:55

9. "All Good Things"   1:57


Klaatu Band Members / Musicians

Dee Long - vocals, guitar solo on "Sell Out, Sell Out"

John Woloschuk - vocals, bass, keyboard, guitar

Terry Draper - vocals, drums

Chris Bond - lead guitar, backing vocals

Leland Sklar - bass guitar

Ed Greene - drums

Tom Scott - saxophone on "Hot Box City"

Rupert Perry - spoken vocals on "Sell Out, Sell Out"

Endangered Species is the 4th and penultimate album by the Canadian rock band Klaatu, released in mid-1980. The record features a harder rock and roll and AOR sound, contrasting with the pop stylings of their previous album Sir Army Suit.

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