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Roger Glover - Mask (1984)

Roger Glover - Mask (1984)

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Roger Glover - Mask

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One Side

"Divided World" - 5:12

"Getting Stranger" - 4:07

"The Mask" (Roger Glover, Jean Roussel) - 7:32

"Fake It" - 4:42

Another Side

"Dancin' Again" (Roger Glover, Dave Gellis) - 3:30

"(You're) So Remote" - 4:46

"Hip Level" (Roger Glover, Chuck Burgi, Dave Gellis) - 7:19

"Don't Look Down" - 3:41

Audio cassette bonus track

"Unnatural" - originally as track no. 8 on side B


Roger Glover Band Members / Musicians

Roger Glover: bass guitar/lead vocals/various other instruments

Dave Gellis: guitar

Joe Jammer: guitar

David Rosenthal: keyboards

Jean Roussel: keyboards

Chuck Burgi: drums

Mark Conese: drums, Simmons drums

Charlie DeChant: saxophone

Nick Blagona: percussion/dub

Craig Brooks: backing vocals

Kate McGarrigle: backing vocals

Denise Brooks: backing vocals

Kim Romano: backing vocals

Mask is a solo album by the Deep Purple bass guitarist Roger Glover. It was released on June 18, 1984, in Europe by 21 Records/Polydor. It was promoted with two music videos. It has been reissued on CD twice in the UK, in 1993 (Connoisseur Collection, b/w "Elements") and in 2005 (Cherry Red/Lemon). Neither has bonus material.

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