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The Burrito Brothers - Sunset Sundown (1982)

The Burrito Brothers - Sunset Sundown (1982)

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The Burrito Brothers - Sunset Sundown

"If Something Should Come Between Us (Let It Be Love)"


"I'm Drinkin' Canada Dry" (Johnny Cymbal, Austin Roberts)

"When You're Giving Yourself to a Stranger"

"What's One More Time" (Richard Leigh)

"Run to the Night"

"How'd We Ever Get This Way"

"Coast to Coast" (John Beland)

"Closer to You"

"Save the Wild Life" (Curly Putman, Dave Kirby)


The Burrito Brothers Band Members / Musicians

John Beland - vocals, guitar, dobro

"Sneaky" Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitar

Gib Guilbeau - guitar, fiddle

Ron Krasinski - drums

Alan Estes - percussion

John Hobbs - keyboards

Dennis Belfield - bass

Larry McNeely - banjo

Tom Scott - saxophone

Billy Thomas, Lynn Nilles - vocal harmony

Sunset Sundown is an album by the country rock group The Burrito Brothers, released in 1982.

After Skip Battin left the band before Hearts on the Line, the remaining three members of the Burrito Brothers carried on hoping to keep their commercial success going. The three singles released from this album, "If Something Should Come Between Us (Let It Be Love)", "Closer to You" and "I'm Drinkin' Canada Dry", all made the US country top 40. After the recording of Sunset Sundown, sole founding member "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow left the band, leaving the Burrito Brothers as a duo of John Beland and Gib Guilbeau.

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