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Armageddon - Armageddon (1975)

Armageddon - Armageddon (1975)

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1. "Buzzard"   8:16

2. "Silver Tightrope"   8:23

3. "Paths and Planes and Future Gains"   4:30

4. "Last Stand Before"   8:23

5. "Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun

a) Warning Coming On - (1:00)

b) Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun (3:03)

c) Brother Ego - (5:10)

d) Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun (Reprise) - (2:18)"   11:30

Armageddon Band Members / Musicians

Keith Relf - lead vocals, harmonica

Martin Pugh - electric and acoustic guitars

Louis Cennamo - bass, electric bowed bass

Bobby Caldwell - drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals

Armageddon was the only album released by British/American progressive rock group Armageddon in 1975. It features vocalist Keith Relf (of The Yardbirds and Renaissance), Martin Pugh (lead guitarist for Rod Stewart's An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down and Steamhammer), Louis Cennamo (bassist and bandmate of Relf's in Renaissance and Pugh's in Steamhammer), and Bobby Caldwell (drummer for Captain Beyond and Johnny Winter).

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