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Big Big Train - Goodbye to the Age of Steam (1994)

Big Big Train - Goodbye to the Age of Steam (1994)

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1. "Wind Distorted Pioneers"   3:21
2. "Head Hit the Pillow"   5:48
3. "Edge of the Known World"   4:47
4. "Landfall"   4:18
5. "Dragon Bone Hill"   3:52
6. "Blow The House Down"   9:20
7. "Expecting Snow"   2:36
8. "Blue Silver Red"   10:03
9. "Losing Your Way"   7:28

Big Big Train Band Members / Musicians

Ian Cooper – keyboards

Steve Hughes – drums and percussion

Andy Poole – bass, additional keyboards

Martin Read – vocals

Greg Spawton – guitars, additional keyboards

David Longdon – keyboards on Expecting Dragons, 2011

Nick D'Virgilio – drums on Expecting Dragons, 2011

Rob Aubrey – backing vocals
Ken Bundy – backing vocals
Gary Chandler – backing vocals
Sally French – backing vocals
Stuart Nicholson – backing vocals
Martin Orford – backing vocals
Mandy Taylor – backing vocals
Steve Christey – windchimes

Goodbye To The Age of Steam is the debut studio album by the English progressive rock band, Big Big Train. It was released in 1994, by Giant Electric Pea. On the official BBT website, Spawton has revealed that "much of the album was about how people lose their way in their lives; about the tightrope we all walk every day. The album title wasn't linked to this, but it conveyed a feeling of pathos which fitted the mood of the songs."

Big Big Train are an English progressive rock band formed in Bournemouth in 1990. The current line-up consists of band founder Greg Spawton (bass, guitars and keyboards), along with Nick D'Virgilio (drums, guitars and keyboards), David Longdon (vocals, flute, keyboards, guitars and bass), and Rikard Sjöblom (guitars and keyboards). Robin Armstrong (guitars and keyboards) joined the group for live performances in 2019. Until 2009, the band were active as a predominantly-studio project led by Spawton and co-founder Andy Poole (guitars, bass and keyboards), who departed the band in 2018, with changing line-ups and guest musicians. They have released twelve studio albums and three EPs.

Big Big Train Band Members / Musicians

Greg Spawton – guitars (1990–present), backing vocals (1995–present), keyboards (1995, 2003–present), bass guitar (2009–present)

David Longdon – lead vocals, flute, keyboards, guitars (2009–present), bass guitar (2018–present)

Nick D'Virgilio – drums, backing vocals, percussion (2009–present), guitars, keyboards (2018–present)

Rikard Sjöblom – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals (2014–present)

Carly Bryant – keyboards, guitars, vocals (2020-present)

Dave Foster – guitars (2020-present)

Clare Lindley – violin, vocals (2021-present)

Dave Gregory – guitars (2009–2020)

Andy Poole – bass guitar (1990–2018), keyboards (2004–2018), guitars (2012–2018)

Ian Cooper – keyboards (1991–1995, 1999–2004)

Steve Hughes – drums (1991–1998, 2002–2009)

Martin Read – lead vocals (1991–2003)

Tony Müller – keyboards (1995–2003), vocals (1999–2003)

Pete Hibbit – drums (1998–1999)

Phil Hogg – drums (1999–2002)

Sean Filkins – lead vocals (2003–2009)

Danny Manners – keyboards, double bass (2012–2020)

Rachel Hall – violin, viola, cello, vocals (2014–2020)

Robin Armstrong – guitars, keyboards (2018–2019)

Big Big Train Discography Full
Goodbye to the Age of Steam (1994)
English Boy Wonders (1997)
Bard (2002)
Gathering Speed (2004)
The Difference Machine (2007)
The Underfall Yard (2009)
English Electric Part One (2012)
English Electric Part Two (2013)
Folklore (2016)
Grimspound (2017)
The Second Brightest Star (2017)
Grand Tour (2019)
Common Ground (forthcoming 2021)

Demos and EPs
From the River to the Sea (1992)
The Infant Hercules (1993)
Far Skies Deep Time (2010)
Make Some Noise (2013)
Wassail (2015)

Live albums
A Stone's Throw From the Line (2016)
Merchants of Light (2018)
Empire (2020)

DVD and Blu-ray
Stone & Steel (2016)
Reflectors of Light (2019)
Empire (2020)

Summer´s lease (2020)

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