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Big Big Train - A Stone's Throw From the Line (2016)

Big Big Train - A Stone's Throw From the Line (Live Album) (2016)

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Disc one

1. "Make Some Noise"   5:21

2. "The First Rebreather"   8:32

3. "The Underfall Yard"   21:56

4. "Uncle Jack"   4:14

5. "Victorian Brickwork"   13:39

Disc two

1. "Kingmaker"   11:09

2. "Wassail"   8:08

3. "Summoned By Bells"   9:08

4. "Judas Unrepentant (including Nick D'Virgilio drum solo)"   9:42

5. "Curator of Butterflies"   8:20

6. "East Coast Racer"   16:32

7. "Hedgerow"   9:11

A Stone's Throw From The Line is a live CD recording of Big Big Train's August 2015 Concerts at The Kings Place, London. The finished output was first released on Friday 2 December 2016.

These shows saw Big Big Train return to the stage after a 17-year absence. The two CD set features the best performance of each song from the three Kings Place performances, and the track list reflects the running order of the show. The album comes in a gloss, laminated soft pack with a 40-page booklet.

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