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Doro - Machine II Machine (1995)

Doro - Machine II Machine (1995)

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1. "Tie Me Up"   4:59

2. "The Want"   6:30

3. "Ceremony"   4:56

4. "Machine II Machine"   5:01

5. "Are They Coming for Me"   4:38

6. "Can't Stop Thinking about You"   4:19

7. "Don't Mistake It for Love"   4:22

8. "Desperately"   4:58

9. "Love Is A Thrill"   4:06

10. "Light in the Window"   4:24

11. "Welcome to the Tribe"   3:25

12. "Like Whiskey Straight"   4:38

13. "In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz"   5:42

14. "Ceremony" (Rattlesnake Bite mix by Die Krupps FX)   5:05

Total length:   67:16


Doro Band Members / Musicians

Doro Pesch – vocals

Jack Ponti – guitars, bass, backing vocals

Greg Smith – guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals

Andres Levin – guitars, bass

Camus Celli – drums

Harold Frazee – keyboards, backing vocals

Nick Douglas – bass, backing vocals

Johnny Dee – drums

John Pfeiffer – guitars, backing vocals

Elliot Easton – guitars, backing vocals

Earl Slick – guitars

Machine II Machine is the 5th studio album by the German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch. The album was released in March 1995 and mixed by Kevin Shirley and Greg Smith. It is the most mainstream oriented album of the German singer to date, thanks to the production of Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Baton Rouge) and the collaboration of musicians and authors coming from pop, country and even Latin music. The lyrics break new ground for Doro, as many of the songs deal with erotic themes. The last track is a remix done by members of the German industrial metal band Die Krupps, who worked with Doro on her next albums. The limited edition of the album contains the bonus track "Tie Me Up (Hard & Fast mix)".

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