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Doro - Angels Never Die (1993)

Doro - Angels Never Die (1993)

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1. "Eye on You"   3:06
2. "Bad Blood"   4:09
3. "Last Day of My Life"   5:31
4. "Born to Bleed"   4:21
5. "Cryin'"   3:54
6. "You Ain't Lived (Till You're Loved to Death)"   4:03
7. "So Alone Together"   5:40
8. "All I Want"   3:44
9. "Enough for You"   4:48
10. "Heaven with You"   4:50
11. "Don't Go"   5:28
12. "Alles Ist Gut"   3:29

Total length:   53:53

Doro Band Members / Musicians

Doro Pesch – vocals, arrangements

Jack Ponti – electric guitar, bass, keyboards, producer, arrangements, mixing, backing vocals

Vic Pepe – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, producer, arrangements

Ryan Roxie – electric guitar

Harold Frazee – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Nick Douglas, Matt Nelson, Brian Perry – bass

Joey Franco – drums, percussion

Eric Gales – guitar solo on "Heaven with You", "Born to Bleed" and "Bad Blood"

Eugene Gales – guitar solo on "Last Day of My Life" and "Don't Go"

Angels Never Die is the 4th solo album of the German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch. The album was released in February 1993 and was produced by Jack Ponti and Vic Pepe. The two producers had worked with Alice Cooper on the hit single "Hey Stoopid" and had produced minor glam metal bands like Surgin’ and Baton Rouge. The sound and musical style of Angels Never Die is very similar to what can be heard on the second Doro solo album, alternating heavy rock tracks with large choruses and power ballads, in the vein of the declining glam metal that had dominated the American rock charts for the first part of the decade.

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