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Girlschool - Believe (2004)

Girlschool - Believe (2004)

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"Come On Up" (Enid Williams, Jackie Chambers) - 3:40

"Let's Get Hard" (Chambers, Kim McAuliffe, Williams) - 3:39

"Crazy" (Williams, Chambers) - 5:37

"We All Love to (Rock 'n' Roll)" (Chambers, Williams, McAuliffe) - 3:22

"Secret" (Chambers, McAuliffe) - 3:45

"New Beginning" (Chambers, McAuliffe) - 3:32

"C'mon" (Chambers, Williams, McAuliffe) - 3:19

"Never Say Never" (Williams, Chambers) - 3:24

"You Say" (Chambers, McAuliffe) - 3:20

"Feel Good" (Chambers, McAuliffe, Williams) - 2:42

"Hold On Tight" (Chambers, McAuliffe, Williams) - 3:51

"Yes Means Yes" (Williams, Chambers) - 2:39

"We All Have to Choose" (Chambers, McAuliffe) - 3:11

"Play Around" (bonus track) (McAuliffe, Chambers, Williams, Denise Dufort) - 3:36

"Passion" (bonus track) (Williams, Chambers, McAuliffe, Dufort) - 3:05

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"Come On Up" video clip

Girlschool Around the World

Interview with Radio Northampton


Jackie's Birthday

Believe is the 10th studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released on Communiqué Records in 2004. It was the first album entirely played by the formation with new lead guitarist Jackie Chambers. It was re-released in 2008 in a limited edition, including the DVD Around the World, with footage from concerts and tours of 2004 and 2005. This limited edition was self-produced and sold through their official website and at concerts.

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