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Girlschool - Legacy (2008)

Girlschool - Legacy (2008)

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"Everything's the Same" (Kim McAuliffe) - 3:14

"From the Other Side" (Jackie Chambers, McAuliffe) - 3:35

"I Spy (Girlschool Mix)" (Chambers, Enid Williams, McAuliffe) - 3:47

"Spend Spend Spend" (Williams) - 3:33

"Whole New World" (Chambers, Williams) - 3:40

"Just Another Day" (Chambers, Denise Dufort) - 3:48

"Legend" (Chambers) - 3:44

"Still Waters" (Williams) - 3:03

"Metropolis" (Motörhead cover) (Ian Kilmister, Eddie Clarke, Phil Taylor) - 3:17

"Don't Mess Around" (Chambers, McAuliffe) - 2:34

"Zeitgeist" (Williams) - 4:15

"Don't Talk to Me" (Chambers, Dufort, Kilmister, McAuliffe) - 2:25

"I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix)" (Chambers, Williams, McAuliffe) - 4:09

"Emergency" (Williams, Kelly Johnson, McAuliffe, Dufort) - 2:50

"London" (McAuliffe, Johnson) - 2:43

Girlschool Band Members / Musicians

Kim McAuliffe – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar

Jackie Chambers – lead guitar, backing vocals

Enid Williams – lead and backing vocals, bass

Denise Dufort – drums

Kelly Johnson – "ghost" appearance

Eddie Ojeda – lead guitar and solo on "Spend Spend Spend"

Neil Murray – bass on "Whole New World" and "Legend"
Phil Campbell – guitar solo on "Whole New World", guitar solo on "Just Another Day", guitar on "Zeitgeist"
"Fast" Eddie Clarke – guitar solo on "Metropolis"

J.J. French – guitar solo on "Don't Mess Around"

Lemmy Kilmister – bass, vocals and triangle on "Don't Talk To Me"

Ronnie James Dio – vocals on "I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix)"

Tony Iommi – lead guitar on "I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix)"

Legacy is the 11th studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released on Wacken Records in 2008. This album celebrates the 30th anniversary of Girlschool, making it the longest running all-female metal band in activity. A few musicians that the band befriended in the many years of incessant touring lent a hand in completing the recording. The song "Legend" is dedicated to Kelly Johnson, the former Girlschool guitarist deceased in 2007.

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