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Girlschool - Hit and Run – Revisited (2011)

Girlschool - Hit and Run – Revisited (2011)

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"C'mon Let's Go" (Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson) – 3:45

"The Hunter" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:16

"(I'm Your) Victim" (McAuliffe, Denise Dufort) – 2:50

"Kick It Down" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:05

"Following the Crowd" (Enid Williams, McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:08

"Tush" (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard) – 2:24

"Hit and Run" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:05

"Watch Your Step" (Williams, McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:20

"Back to Start" (Johnson, Willams) – 3:36

"Yeah Right" (McAuliffe, Johnson, Dufort) – 3:16

"Future Flash" (Johnson, McAuliffe) – 4:51

Bonus tracks

"Demolition Boys" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:43

"Hit and Run" (featuring Doro) – 3:05

Girlschool Band Members / Musicians

Kim McAuliffe – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar

Jackie Chambers – lead guitar, backing vocals

Enid Williams – lead and backing vocals, bass

Denise Dufort – drums

Doro Pesch – lead vocals on track 13

Hit and Run – Revisited is the 12th studio album by the British heavy metal band Girlschool, released in 2011. The album is a re-recording of the 1981 album Hit and Run, considered by most critics a classic of the new wave of British heavy metal period and the most commercially successful for Girlschool. The new album celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of Hit and Run and includes as bonus track a re-recording of "Demolition Boys" and a duet with the German metal singer Doro on a new version of the title track.

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